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The 6th FEBS-MPST 2017 Advanced Lecture Course includes General Lectures / Tutorials (Extracellular Matrix, Proteoglycans, Glycosaminoglycans, Metalloproteinases, Cell Surface Receptors, Collagens) and a Career development session to be held during the first day. Furthermore, eight Plenary Symposia will each be introduced and moderated by leading scientists acting as discussion leaders. An introduction to the topic of each particular symposium will be given by the chairperson.

Symposium 1: Glycobiology - Glycosaminoglycans & Proteoglycans (Chair: Liliana Schaefer)

Symposium 2: Metalloproteinases & Matrix as a dynamic structural network (Chair: Irit Sagi)

Symposium 3: Matrix Pathobiology (Chair: Renato Iozzo)

Symposium 4: Interactions and functions of matrix macromolecules (Chair: Ralph Sanderson)

Symposium 5: Glycobiology and Metabolic Regulation of ECM molecules (Chair: Alberto Passi)

Symposium 6: ECM networks & ECM-based nanotechnology (Chair: Sylvie Ricard-Blum)

Symposium 7: Signaling and Disease Molecular Targeting (Chair: Martin Gotte)

Symposium 8: Matrix regulation in health and disease (Chair: Raymond Boot-Handford)

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An important goal of the FEBS-MPST Courses is to bring together senior with young scientists on an important and rapidly developing scientific field. In this regard, two Speakers’ Corners will be organized during the FEBS-MPST 2017. The participants will have the chance to meet and counteract with the invited speakers, chairs attending the meeting as well as with members of the organizing committee face-to-face in an informal atmosphere besides the seaside.  The invited speakers will be able to pass through their experience and advices to the young researchers.

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The Poster Session represents a vital part of the FEBS-MPST meetings. All abstracts, whether or not selected for oral presentations, will be on display as posters (dimensions: 80 cm wide x 100 cm height) during the entire Course to provide ample time for informal discussions among students, participants and lecturers. Three Poster Sessions and poster discussion groups will be organized.

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Selected Talks (10 minutes including discussion) will be delivered by participants (seniors, post-docs and graduate students). These presentations will be selected by the Scientific Advisory Board on the basis of submitted abstracts.

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A number of Posters will be presented as Flash Presentations (5 minutes in total) during the sessions. These presentations will be selected by the Scientific Advisory Board on the basis of submitted abstracts.